Napoje zimne

Cold drinks

Jug of water

12.00 PLN

Coca-Cola 250 ml

5.00 PLN

Coca-Cola Zero 250 ml

5.00 PLN

Fanta 250 ml

5.00 PLN

Sprite 250 ml

5.00 PLN

Kinley 250 ml (bitter lemon, tonic water, ginger ale, virgin mojito)

5.00 PLN

Kropla Beskidu 330 ml mineral water

5.00 PLN

Kropla Delice 330 ml mineral water

5.00 PLN

FuzeTea 250 ml (lemon with the addition of lemongrass, peach with a hibiscus note)

5.00 PLN

Orange juice 250 ml

5.00 PLN

Apple juice 250 ml

5.00 PLN

Blackcurrant juice 250 ml

5.00 PLN

Grapefruit juice 250 ml

5.00 PLN

Kryniczanka 330 ml mineral water

4.00 PLN

Kitchen revolutions


We are pleased to announce that we were visited by Magda Gessler and she recommends: Old Polish bigos (Polish dish of stewed sauerkraut and meat), Stuffed duck, apple strudel with cinnamon



In our restaurant you can take advantage of free wireless (wi-fi) throughout the day. Just find your device in the network called "maxim" and enjoy the internet.

corner for children


Welcome to the corner for children, which is a safe place where you can leave your toddler at the time of your meal, and your child will spend time equally nice.



Every other delicious dish at a good price. Come and see for yourself. Savor the taste of every day in the restaurant Maxim. Every day is some delicious, flavor surprise.